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Smart Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser and Tossing

Smart Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser and Tossing, Dog Cat Camera, 2.4G WiFi, 1080P Night Vision Camera, Live Video, 2 Way Audio Communication Designed for Dogs and Cats (HONGSA Pet Camera).


HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO: This treat dispenser is equipped with 1080P HD video, with infrared night vision that can reach up to 26 feet.

You can record videos and even take pictures of your pets.

Micro SD card not included.

FEED YOUR PET REMOTELY: Give treats to your pets using the app on your phone.

The HONGSA Smart Pet Camera supports both cat and dog treats.

You can set to manual or auto feed; Built in Laser- Play with your pet using a laser right from your phone!

This laser can move up and down, as well as left to right.


EASY TO SET UP AND USE: Set up your smart camera quickly and easily!

All that is needed is a wifi connection, a smart phone, and the app.

You can find it by searching inch smart pets inch in the app store.

Be notified when your pet is active!

Any time this product detects motion or sound, it will record a real-time video and notify you via the app (Make sure your notifications are turned on!).

SHARE WITH FRIENDS: Take pictures or videos and share with family and friends on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

Share the QR code with family and friends so they can play with your pets from their phone, from anywhere in the world!

TALK TO YOUR PET: With built in speakers and a 2-way microphone, you can talk to and hear from your pet!

An app is also available for download, with updates to give you access to the most up date technology and support.

A QR code is included to help you find the app quickly and easily.

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