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Small Animal Cage for Indoor Outdoor Use

Amazon.com Price: $29.99 (as of 08/04/2023 05:38 PST- Details)

Allisandro Small Pet Playpen 11.8″ X 11.8″, 13.8″ X 13.8″, 14″ X 14″, Small Animal Cage for Indoor Outdoor Use, Portable Metal Wire Yard Fence for Small Animal, Guinea Pigs, Bunny, Turtle, Hamster.



[Various Combinations for Pets’ Playground]: Each panel’s size: 11.8×11.8″.

Color: Black.

This pet playpen can be changed into various combinations to meet your need, but only suitable for small animal, such as small little puppies, kitten, rabbits, guinea pigs, mink, turtles (weight: less than 7 pounds).

You can assemble them as the instructions suggested, besides, you can create a pet delivery room which can help to soothe expectant mothers.

[Quickly Clean and Assemble]: It only needs a few minutes to assemble this pet playpen.

Our small animal fence can be assembled directly by connectors and tips.

Also, you can use the hammer to beat and insert the corner of playpen into the connector vertically for strengthening its steadiness.

For cleaning, you can just use the water to scour them.

And this pet playpen doesn’t take up a lot of time to dry.

Besides, you can folds it flat when not in use for storage and travel.


[Create Any Form]: Lightweight, yet strong makes this playpen ideal for traveling.

You can assemble them as the instructions suggested, like a bird cage by capping the playpen, or a pet delivery room which can help to soothe expectant mothers.

Also, you can create a book shelf, or a cabinet, which allows you to place your pet’s clothes, blankets, toys, or accessories.

Besides, you can use this wire yard fence to make the independent region for your Christmas Tree or the fireplace.

[See Pet Without Any Obstacle]: Spacious interior of our pet playpen keep your little pet comfortable and safe.

Your cute pet can freely enjoy & playing in the pet playpen.

Importantly, you don’t need to gaze them all the time if you are busy.

You can easily keep an eye on them from any angle because this pet playpen is transparent.

[Anti Features]: Anti-rust and Anti-slip!

Because our pet playpen is made from metal and steel wire which helps against rust, fading, or corrosion.

This pet play yard includes cable ties and anti-slip pieces.

Cable ties make playpen more flexible and suitable for any environment.

Anti-slip pieces prevent connectors from slipping on the floor.

Besides, this part can protect your floor.

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