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Self-Powered Dog Potty Training Door Bell

Amazon.com Price: $19.99 (as of 21/09/2023 01:11 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

YIROKA Dog Door Bell, self-Powered Dog Potty Training Door Bell, Super-Light Press Button Doorbell, Lifetime Battery Free, Chime Operating 20 Melodies LED Flash, for All Dogs.



🐶 Easy-to-use: YIROKA self-powered wireless dog potty training door bell.

Bell rings using just 0.75 lbs of pressure, suitable for all small, medium and large dogs.

It is not recommended for miniature dogs such as Chihuahua, Pomeranian.

♻️ Lifetime battery free: Press the button to generate electricity, through the principle of electromagnetic effect.

You don’t need to install a battery for the dog doorbell for life.

Energy saving and environmental protection.


🎶 Customizable: Receiver volume and ringtone can be customized according to your choice, with 4 different volumes and 4 notification modes and 20 different tones to choose from!

Activator and receiver communicate as far as 500 feet from each other when indoors.

Easy to Install-IP65 Waterproof: IP65 waterproof dog doorbell.

Bell is easily mounted on your door or wall with a adhesive strip it can work normally even in rainy days.

No tools necessary!

🚀 Warranty: Lifetime technical support and one-year warranty.

7 * 24 hours customer service team to solve all your problems on the product.

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