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Scary Dog Muzzle for Biting

Amazon.com Price: $48.32 (as of 26/01/2023 19:37 PST- Details)

WALKTIME Scary Dog Muzzle for Halloween with Wolf Teeth Dog Muzzles for Biting, Small Dog Muzzles for Biting.



【SCARY DOG COSTUME】This scary dog muzzle features a realistic dog nose along with large scary teeth!

Black & Red in color, Scary dog muzzle looks terrifying.

The wild animal will be overwhelmed if you’re afraid to walk your dog at night, Dog muzzle with scary teeth, and they will get away.

【COMFORTABLE】Dog Muzzles for Barking, Designed to fit loosely around the dog’s muzzle, enabling your dog to open their mouth for panting and easy breathing.

Made of non-toxic plastic, with a soft genuine leather strip for amazing comfort; won’t chafe or harm your dog.

Whatever you have a muzzle for dog large or small dog muzzles for barking.


【ADJUSTABLE STRAP】Break-away buckle is set on the muzzle for large dog, you can wear for you dog easily.

The strap of dog muzzle is made from nylon webbing, heavy-duty stitching, muzzle can be adjusted to fit perfectly onto your dog.

【EASY BUCKLE】Getting the Dog muzzle for barking Costume onto your dog is easy and fast; features a plastic buckle of dog muzzle for chewing that snaps easily behind the ears.

【FIVE SIZES】Dog muzzle for medium sized dog.

Size 4# for Bedlington Terrier / Border Terrier / Mini Poodle / Mini Schnauzer / Westie, etc.

Choose from 3#, 4#, 5#, 6#, 7#.

These short snout dog muzzles for halloween is great for all breeds!

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