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Replacement External Covers for Dogs

Amazon.com Price: $25.99 (as of 08/04/2023 05:28 PST- Details)

CNBEAU Dog Bed Covers, Replacement External Covers for Dogs, Bed DIY Dog Cushion, ONLY Cover for Rectangular Foam/Bed/Zippered – Medium and Large Dogs, Fleece Removable Washable Pet Bed Mat Case.



What we like for this dog bed covers?

1. Stuff these stylish covers with the extra blankets, pillows, clothes from your home to create a comfortable, stylish and easy to maintain bed for your pet.

It is great to use old clothes, the master’s smell can make it easier for pets to adapt to the new bed and reduce anxiety.

2. Using a replacement cover is a great way to save.

Pay 30% to 60% Less than retail price.

No need to throw away your whole bed and just replace the cover over and over again!

3. Maintaining a clean, healthy and comfortable pet bed has never been easier or more responsible.

4. You can also change the cover at any time to create an accent piece for any room in your house.

5. Your furry friend should be surrounded by love & warmth.Bring the dog bed cover home to surprise your pet


  • Size L: 36″L x 29″W x 4″H(Fit for medium dogs/pets.such as bulldog、australian shepherd);
  • X-Large Size: 48″L x 29″W x 4″H (Fit for large dogs/pets.such as golden retriever、german shepherd).

Notice: Please kindly check size to choose the suitable bed cover for your fur friend before your purchase.

Material: PV Plush, Denim.

Color: Coffee, Blue.

Washing tips: Machine & Washable.


Durable & Easy to Use: Use smooth fleece to make it pull resistant so you don’t have to worry about the dog pulls or scratch on fabric.

This dog bed covers can be reusable many times.

Washable and Removable.

The zipper opening is enough big.so you don’t have to wrestle to get the mattress pad in.

Hidden zipper with eyelid for comfort and security.

Soft surface provide premium comfort.

Superb workmanship provides a stronger, reinforced edge finish that gives durability.

Economical & Comfortable Fleece Dog Bed Covers: This is a very nice cover for a rectangular thick, orthopedic foam dog bed.

Perfect for renew pet bed without paying much also keep pet bed clean for easily daily care when seasons change you can just replace the cover material.

Designed with fleece surface which keeps warm in winter, providing a calming anxiety-relieving space.

Universal Dog Bed Cover: Recyclable by adding paddings.

Universal dog bed cover are used for the old bed to get a brand new look, to change the fabric feelings specilized for weather condition.

Coffee plush bed cover will keep your pets warm.

Your furry friend should be surrounded by love & warmth.

COVER ONLY, Do It Yourself Pet Bed: Dog bed replacement cover only,stuffing not included.

Pls Fill it With Pillow Yourself!

Just recycle and stuff your used pillow to turn into luxury pet bed.

You can fill it with old clothes, crushed foam, bean bag beads, buckwheat shells, blankets, pillows, etc.

It’s also GREAT for orthopedics,cooling gels and memory foam dog beds.

DEMENSIONS: Large Size -36 inch L x 29 inch W x 4 inch H (Fit for medium dogs/pets.such as bulldog australian shepherd); X-Large Size -48 inch L x 29 inch W x 4 inch H (Fit for large dogs/pets (such as golden retriever german shepherd).

The Covers big enough to fit on most of Rectangular foam pad, mat or pillow.

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