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Replacement External Covers for Dogs

Revamp your dog’s bed effortlessly with our stylish CNBEAU Replacement Covers. Easy to wash, cost-effective, and cozy for your furry friend.


Discover the perfect solution for your furry friend with our Replacement External Covers for Dogs.

Transform your dog’s bed effortlessly with these stylish covers, allowing you to stuff them with extra blankets, pillows, or even old clothes to create a comfortable, stylish, and easy-to-maintain space for your pet.

Save big with our cost-effective replacement covers, priced at 30% to 60% less than retail.

No need to discard the entire bed – simply replace the cover and keep your pet’s space clean, healthy, and comfortable.

Experience the ease of maintaining a clean, healthy, and cozy pet bed.

The versatility of these covers allows you to change them at any time, creating an accent piece for any room in your house.

Your furry friend deserves to be surrounded by love and warmth, and our dog bed covers are the perfect way to surprise and delight them.

Available in two sizes, our covers are designed to fit medium and large dogs, providing them with a snug and inviting space.

Choose from two classic colors, Coffee and Blue, to match your home decor seamlessly.

The materials used, PV Plush and Denim, ensure durability and comfort.

Washing these covers is a breeze, thanks to their machine-washable design.

The smooth fleece prevents pulls and scratches, making them both durable and easy to use.

The hidden zipper with an eyelid adds an extra layer of comfort and security for your pet.

Economical and comfortable, our fleece dog bed covers are ideal for renewing pet beds without breaking the bank.

The universal design allows for recycling by adding paddings, creating a brand-new look tailored to different weather conditions.

The Coffee plush bed cover adds warmth, making it a cozy retreat for your pet.

These covers come as a “Do It Yourself” kit, with the option to fill them with your chosen materials.

From old clothes to crushed foam or bean bag beads, you can customize the bed to suit your pet’s preferences.

Whether for orthopedics, cooling gels, or memory foam dog beds, our covers offer a versatile and budget-friendly solution.

Give your pet the gift of a renewed and comfortable space with our Replacement External Covers for Dogs – because your furry friend deserves the best.



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