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Reflective Dog Harness with Spikes

Amazon.com Price: $109.95 (as of 26/03/2023 03:49 PST- Details)

CoyoteVest SpikeVest Dog Harness Vest, Reflective Dog Accessories with Spikes to Shield Your Pet from Raptor and Animal Attacks, Velcro Tabs for Fast Wearing and Removal.



PROTECTION FOR YOUR DOGS AND PETS: Coyotevest’s SpikeVest small dog harness slows or prevents attacks from aggressive animals or birds of prey and give you enough time to react before serious injury occurs when you and your small dog are out for a walk, training, hiking or camping.

The only difference between SpikeVest and our original CoyoteVest is that the former uses Velcro closures while the latter uses snap buckles, both of which offer amazing ease of wearing and removal.

TOUGH MATERIALS AND QUALITY MADE: SpikeVest harnesses are entirely constructed with a super tough, puncture-resistant Cordura fabric that can resist sharp canine teeth of aggressive animals such as coyotes, as well as claws/talons of birds of prey, such as hawks.

It also features a large neck collar that protects a critical part of your pet’s body.


REMOVABLE PROTECTIVE SPIKES: Every SpikeVest dog hawk vest comes with 3 sets of removable spikes strips – 1 set for the neck and 2 for each side on the back.

The spikes are made of very hard plastic, so they’re safe to handle and will not hurt your pet, but are sharp enough to hurt when aggressors bite on them with enough pressure.

The spikes strips are important lines of defense for your pet and can be easily removed and attached since they come with Velcro patches.

OTHER PET-FRIENDLY FEATURES: SpikeVest coyote proof dog vest has an adjustable waist belt and collar to easily accommodate various dog shapes and sizes; a D-ring lets you connect and release your leash quickly; reflective features make your dog more visible at night, thus optimizing its safety outdoors; water-proof material ensures all-weather wearability and there are no metal parts that will rust, so you can expect durability.

HOW TO CHOOSE A SPIKEVEST HARNESS: make sure your dog is standing up and not sitting.

Measure straight from the front shoulder to the start of the tail without curving your measuring tape.

If you’re still uncertain which size to get after measuring, pick a smaller size.

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