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Puppy Milk Feeder with Replacement Nipples

Amazon.com Price: $8.99 (as of 04/06/2023 12:30 PST- Details)

Tondiamo 16 Pieces Pet Feeding Bottle Kit, Puppy Milk Feeder with Replacement Nipples, Puppy Feeding Bottles for Small Animals/Newborn Dog and cat Nursing Supplies.


Package content: package comes with 2 sets of newborn puppy supplies, including 2 pieces of puppy bottles for nursing, 10 pieces of replacement nipples, 2 pieces of cleaning brushes, and 2 pieces of bottle opening needles, suitable for puppies, kittens and small wild animals.

The nipples come in a variety of shapes for different uses to meet the different needs of small pets, designed for hand feeding puppies, kittens and other newborn small animals.

Specially designed: the newborn kitten supplies contain a kitten feeder bottle that is clearly marked with a scale to control food intake and prevent too much or too little intake.

The nipples are designed with different shapes and sizes to feed different kinds of small animals.

And it also comes with a cleaning brush of corresponding size to facilitate your cleaning of the inside of the bottle.

Safe material: made of quality plastic, the kitten milk bottle is safe and soft, healthy and serviceable, reusable and washable.

It is designed for puppies, you can squeeze the pet nursing bottle to make the milk flow into the puppy’s mouth.

The teats are made of soft rubber, which is bite resistant, heat resistant, flexible, not easy to collapse or leak, will not hurt your pet’s teeth.

Tips for using: the kitten feeding kit is especially suitable for puppies that are too small to suck, the size of the nipple hole can be tailored to the specific pet.

Before use, please wash the kitten baby bottle and nipple with warm water, then use a plastic opening needle to make a small hole in the kitten pacifier (the diameter of the hole can be adjusted as needed).

When the pet care bottle is squeezed, the liquid flows out and the animal is ready to be fed.

Easy to use and clean: made of quality material, this kitten baby bottle is completely dishwasher safe, and can also be cleaned with warm soapy water.

After cleaning, place the kitten nursing bottle away from direct sunlight until the next use.

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