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Pug Muzzle with Reflective Strip Design

Short Snout Dog Muzzles, Poonpand [Upgraded] Pug Muzzle with Reflective Strip Design, Adjustable Breathable Mesh Bulldog Muzzle for Chihuahua/Bull Dogs, Anti Biting Chewing Barking Training.


REFLECTIVE STRIP: Short snout dog muzzles mesh masks have reflective stripes, which are different from other products, muzzle for dogs can help keeps your dogs always visible in dark conditions.

French bulldog muzzle can improve the safety of dog walking at night.

HUMANIZED DESIGN: Bulldog muzzles are designed with no eye holes to widen the field of vision and has special breathing holes.

Not only does it not affect your dog’s daily life, but dog muzzles with  harness also improves the quality of your dog’s life.


ADJUSTABLE STRAP: Dog muzzles short snout adjustable nylon strap with a quick-release buckle, skin-friendly.

Head strap ensures that the muzzle short snout does not come off.

Adjust the size of muzzle and neck to make it more comfortable for your dog.

SKIN FRIENDLY MATERIAL: The pet muzzle, dog muzzles for short snout is made from PVC breathable mesh cloth and a durable nylon structure that makes the dog’s nose comfortable.

Effectively reduce sensitive skin diseases in dogs.

A GIFT FOR YOUR PETS: Training dog mask preventing dog bites and eating unclean food.

Pug muzzle is suitable for French Bulldogs, pugs, Boston Terrier, Chihuahua dogs, Pit Bull, Chihuahua dogs, Poodles, Shar-Pei dogs, ect.

Please measure before you buy.



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