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Pressure-Activated Gel Cooling Mat For Dogs

Amazon.com Price: $74.95 (as of 06/06/2023 12:39 PST- Details)

The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat. Pressure-Activated Gel Cooling Mat For Dogs, Extra Large Size. This Pet Cooling Mat Keeps Dogs and Cats Comfortable All Summer. Ideal for Home and Travel.



THE ORIGINAL SELF COOLING GEL PAD FOR DOGS – The Green Pet Shop pressure-activated cooling pet mat provides chilled relief for your dogs and cats.

It’s the perfect solution if your pet struggles to stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

IT’S AUTOMATIC – This self-cooling pad for dogs works without water, electricity or refrigeration.

The patented gel formula automatically recharges after 15-20 minutes of non-use.

This dog cool pad is a must-have item if your home doesn’t have air conditioning.


PERFECT FOR HOT SUMMER DAYS – Lay the cooling pads for pets where your furry friend likes to relax.

Once they lay on the pad, it goes to work immediately.

Cool to the touch, the chilled sensation offers immediate relief.

It’s ideal for senior animals or pets with medical conditions.

MULTI-USE AND PORTABLE – Use it on the floor, sofa, or place it in your pet’s crate, bed or kennel.

The cooling pads are lightweight and folds effortlessly, ideal for travel.

Clean with a damp cloth as needed

COOLING DOG MAT XL – The Green Pet Shop cooling mat measures 27.5 x 43.3 inches, for extra large dogs weighing over 80 lbs.

Other sizes are available.

Do not leave in direct sunlight as this will affect the performance of the cool pad.

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