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Premium Tennis Balls for Dogs

Amazon.com Price: $20.99 (as of 04/06/2023 12:33 PST- Details)

PIKASEN Squeaky Tennis Balls for Dogs – 4″,2.5″ or 2″ Sizes Premium Strong Dog and Puppy Balls for Training, Play, Exercise and Fetch.


🐶 Squeaker Inside: Different than other squeak tennis ball toys, we designed squeaker inside which can make your dog more excited cause he doesn’t know where the squeaker is.

🐕 Dog Sensitive Colours: As we all known, dog is a kind of colour weakness, we pick Yellow, Red, Blue dog sensitive colours for dog Fun-Addition exercise.

🐩 Safety Material: All balls are recessed in rubber and covered with tennis ball fabric for safety.

🐕 Durable Goods: Non-abrasive felt won’t wear down your dog’s teeth and is easy to clean.

Air-Hollow Core makes ball longer shelf life.

🐶 Portable bag: Reusable Mesh Bag package-with sliding drawstring cord lock closure, make it more convenient to play with your dog.

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