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Portable Breathable Pet Carrier

Versatile Pecute Dog Bike Basket: 5-in-1 carrier, safe for pets up to 20lbs, breathable, foldable, and season-friendly (Purple).

Meet the Pecute Dog Bike Basket, your furry friend’s ultimate travel companion.

Wondering what sets it apart? Picture a versatile pet carrier that effortlessly transforms into five bags in one – an outdoor, bicycle, car, backpack, and inclined shoulder bag.

Concerned about safety? Fear not! This pet carrier is designed with a robust structure to securely carry small to medium-sized pets up to 20 pounds.

The safety belt inside adds an extra layer of security.

Curious about your pet’s comfort during the journey? The spacious interior allows pets up to 20 pounds to move freely, and a mesh-designed skylight at the top lets them enjoy the passing scenery. Feeling a bit stuffy? No problem!

Just roll up the front curtain for extra ventilation.

Thinking about convenience and storage? The Pecute pet carrier is not just portable but also foldable. Remove the four boards, open the magic sticker inside, and pull out the board.

The compact size makes it a breeze to carry and store.

Wondering about seasonal adaptability? This carrier has you covered. The dual-purpose cushion features a velvet side for warmth in winter and an Oxford cloth side for a cool and breathable experience in summer.

The Pecute Dog Bike Basket is not just a carrier; it’s a versatile, durable, and comfortable solution for all your pet travel needs.