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Plastic Dog Muzzle with Adjustable Headstall

Amazon.com Price: $24.95 (as of 05/06/2023 12:25 PST- Details)

Birdwell Enterprises – Plastic Dog Muzzle with Adjustable Plastic Coated Nylon Headstall – Prevents nipping and Biting – Multiple Sizes and Colors – Made in The USA.



The Birdwell Enterprises dog muzzle is designed to be lightweight, comfortable, easy to clean, and highly durable.

The muzzle is made of a super strong injection molded plastic with rounded edges for a strong yet comfortable fit.

The headstall portion of the muzzle is plastic coated nylon that is machine riveted which is very strong yet also water and odor resistant.

We make sure to leave the smooth side of the rivet facing inward so there are no rough edges touching your dog.

The open basket design allows your dog to drink and pant unrestricted while protecting from biting or chewing.

The muzzle is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and disinfecting.

The muzzle fits dogs with a head like the German Shepherd, Doberman, Labrador, and Greyhound.


Will not fit breeds like Pug, Pitbull, Chiwawa or Bulldog.

Medium Muzzle fits most dogs 35-55 lbs nose 2.5″ long or more.

Large muzzle fits most dogs 56 lbs and up nose 2.5″ long or more.

Will not fit short wide nose dogs like Pitbull, or pug.

Made from heavy-duty plastic that wont bend or warp under hard use and all metal buckle and hardware.

Resistant to scraping on fences as well as dirt and odors, machine and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and disinfecting.

Tough and lightweight plastic basket muzzle prevents biting and nipping while providing plenty of room to drink and pant.

Ideal for park, vet, grooming visits, or traveling in general.

Allows eating of dry food and receiving treats while fully covering the nose for added protection for the dog as well as from snapping or biting.

Being a full basket, the muzzle prevents self chewing and fleaing that can cause irritated skin and painful sores.

Handmade in the USA from start to finish by the same family owned company since 1995.

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