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Pink Dog Bed House

Kolachic Princess Pink Flower Floral Pet Dog Handmade Bed House plus 1 Candy Pillow Canopy.



Very cute and sweet of princess style!

Best Gift!

Made of 100% cotton, soft and comfortable for pets, distachable cushion,easy to wash.

Size (Length * Width * Height):

  • Small: 19.6”x11.8”x 19.6” (50CM*30CM*50CM).
  • Medium: 23.6”x15.74”x23.6”(60CM*40CM*60CM).
  • Large: 27.5”X19.7”X27.5”( 70CM*50CM*70CM).


Very cute and sweet of princess style, Nice decoration.

Soft and comfortable for pets, made of 100% cotton.

Distachable cushion,easy to wash.

Muti size for choose according to the length of your ped.

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