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Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Amazon.com Price: $35.99 (as of 06/06/2023 12:47 PST- Details)

ZMUBB Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs, Interactive Dog Puzzle Toys for Training and Stress Relief Encourages Natural Foraging Skills.



【Slow Feeder】The dog snuffle mat puts the nose and brain of your dog to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature and keeps them entertained and relaxed.

It is necessary for dogs that eat too fast.

【Safe & Funny】The dog sniff mat is made of high-quality polyester and durable construction that is safe for you and your pets.

You can hide treats in the rich grass shapes to encourage your dog to forage naturally.

A squeaker in the center of the petal, five carrots in a row, and several pieces of randomly placed ringing paper spark the interest of your dog and give them much fun.

【Easy to Store & Portable】The interactive dog puzzle toy comes with a length-adjustable belt, and it is helpful to fold up or fix the feeding mat.

The dog mat could be folded and put into a storage bag easily.

Free to carry and perfect for travel.

【Easy to Clean】The dog enrichment toy is easy to clean, machine or hand washable for easy maintenance.

【Perfect for All Dogs】The dimension of the dog food mat is 31 x 19 inches, which is perfect for all dog breeds.

It even could be a cat food mat.

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