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Pet PlayPen Mesh Top Cover

Amazon.com Price: $20.99 (as of 09/04/2023 05:30 PST- Details)

Dog Playpen Cover, Pet PlayPen Mesh Top Cover Keep Dog from Sun/Rain Prevent Escape, Dog Pen Cover Shaded Area Indoor Outdoor Fits 24 Inch 8 Panels Playpen.



Effective protection: the dog crate cover is designed for the pet pen that fits 24 inches/ 60 cm wide 8 panels pet exercise pen, will stop your dog from escaping and you can be relieved when leaving your house.

Rain or shine: the cover adopts a thick anti-ultraviolet coating, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, and is made of quality polyester fiber, which is waterproof and rainproof, can withstand rain or shine, protecting your dog from harm.


Washable and foldable: our covers are washable, soft and lightweight materials can be easily folded and stored in boxes, drawers, bags, etc., without taking up any space.

Strong fastener: to better fasten the shade kennel cover on the playpen and saves your time and energy when apply the cover on the playpen, 16 stickers is designed along the edge of the cover, will firmly keep the cover in place and will not easily slide down.

Wide applications: the top shade kennel cover is suitable for playpen, both indoor and outdoor, and can be applied in summer or winter.

The dog playpen cover preventing your dogs from jumping out and can also protecting your pets when it is raining.

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