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Pet Food Dispenser with Scoop

Amazon.com Price: $88.88 (as of 10/04/2023 05:51 PST- Details)

Buddeez 12-1/2-Gallon Roll-Away Pet Food Dispenser with Scoop-Holds up to 50 lbs.



Heavy-duty unit for the bigger bags.

This 12. 5-gallon airtight storage dispenser is designed to handle up to 44 lb. bags of dry food.

Patented “Bag-Gripper Lid” seals contents inside the original bag – yet allows for easy pouring and large lid opening makes scooping easy.

Capacity dependent on Kibble size.

Bag-In features allows dispensing of seed or food from the original bag while maintaining nutritional information.

Attached 1-cup scoop.

Features a wide “footprint” for better stability and wheels for tilt-and-roll mobility.

Slim design for out-of-the-way storage.

Locking seal clasps.

Food Safe Resin.

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