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Pet Door with 2 Locking Modes

Give your furry friend freedom with the HIDROSIL Tunnel Pet Door. Installs on doors and walls, 2 locking modes, easy DIY setup. Perfect for cats and dogs up to 22 lbs.


The HIDROSIL Tunnel Detachable Pet Door makes it a reality.

This innovative door isn’t picky about where it lives. Screen doors, glass panels, wooden barriers, even walls โ€“ it conquers them all!

No more frantic scratching or pleading meows. Just purrfect independence, whenever they desire.

But wait, there’s more!

  • Dual lock modes: Feeling protective? Toggle between full access or in-and-out privileges for those adventurous nap times.
  • Snap installation: Ditch the toolbox! This pet door is a DIY dream with its included cutting template and clear instructions.
  • Weather warrior: The tough ABS frame and weatherproof flap stand strong against curious claws and playful paws. ๏ธ
  • Sized just right: Perfectly accommodates furry friends up to 22 lbs, ensuring comfortable comings and goings.

Remember, this isn’t just a pet door, it’s a passport to a world of endless possibilities for your furry friend.

Give your pet the gift of freedom and exploration!


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