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Outdoor Pet Wood Cabin Kennel

Amazon.com Price: $1,878.98 (as of 26/03/2023 04:14 PST- Details)

ZJDU Wooden Dog House, Wood Courtyard Dog House, Outdoor Pet Wood Cabin Kennel, Drawable Base Plate, with Door Window and Sun Visor for Outdoor, for Small Medium Large Animals,L, Brown.



ROBUST WOOD MATERIAL FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: our pet house is made of wood and it is naturally dyed to provide a lasting experience.

Weatherable waterborne coatings are ideal for outdoor use.

A sturdy house allows your pet to hide inside when it rains outside.

WATERPROOF ASPHALT SHINGLE: rainproof, thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, wind resistance, beautiful appearance, good performance.

This dog house creates the best shelter for pets.

Improve the living environment and quality of pets in cold winters or hot summers.


DOOR AND WINDOW DESIGN: the visible window design allows your pet to easily see the outside world, ventilating and breathable, keeping the pet’s small world fresh.

There are fences on the door, shading, light transmission, ventilation and ultraviolet protection, and fire protection.

Moisture-proof and easy to clean, enjoy the natural breath.

Good protection against rain, wind, heat, and light, reducing the dog’s depression.

DRAWABLE BOTTOM PLATE: The new bottom plate can be drawn out and rinsed directly with water to solve the shortcomings of the owner entering the house to clean.

It is simple and convenient.

The pullable bottom plate allows the owner to clean the dog house conveniently and quickly, clean and hygienic every day.

PROTECT YOUR PETS AGAINST BAD WEATHER: The wooden dog house is leak proof, it will servaive in heavy rain, the raised bottom floor and the vingl door flap will keep your pet warm and dry inside.

The roof is slanted so rainfall will not sit on top to protect your pet during harsh weather.

The roof can withstand most weather conditions, like rain, snow, sun, wind and more.

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