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Noiseless Slide On Dog Tag

DISONTAG Custom Pet ID Tag Personalized Dog Name Tags, Noiseless Slide On Dog Tag Silencers for Pets, QR Directs to The Profile Saving and Show Info.

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Front text custom pet tags: 1-3 lines text, multiple colors, well-designed style, Click “Customize”, you only need to enter your text,you will get your unique pet ID.

The operation is very simple.

Each ID tag has its own unique QR code.

It directs to an exclusive profile, where you can add photos and texts of dogs.

It can be important health information or the most touching story.

Of course, there are names, phone numbers, and emails.


When someone scans the QR code, they can see the information you left.

All photos and texts in the exclusive profile can be changed arbitrarily with time and mood, always online.

The new generation of dog tags is a flexible, vivid and distinctive pet ID tag.

The unique rectangular design is fixed on the dog’s collar with elastic rubber bands.

It will not make a noise and will not be bitten by pets.

High-quality alloy materials.

The surface is made of abrasion-resistant high-transparent epoxy resin, very durable, no fading.


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