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NaviTagi Pet ID Tags for Dogs

Amazon.com Price: $5.99 (as of 29/01/2023 19:52 PST- Details)

NaviTagi Pet ID Tags for Dogs, Cats. Personalized w/ID Number. Reliable Design, Stainless Steel Ring. 2 Phones Updatable Online, Name Safe. Various Sets, Colors, Sizes.

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A Set of 3 Medium Tags is perfect for Small and Medium Sized Dogs.

Real Size is Shown in Images Gallery.

Pack includes: 1 Red, 1 Blue and 1 Green Tag with the same Unique ID Number.

Please note: in this specific set, strips are not replaceable.

One ID for 3 Tags for easy Registration and Management.

Use these Tags for different pets, collars, harnesses – all tied to your phone number(s).

One ID number allows to easily manage contact data for 3 Tags simultaneously.

We use web-based system, no APP needed.

You only pay once when you buy the Set – all other actions and services are free.

No subscription fees or other hidden fees!


Tags include Hi-Res and High Contrast easy to read text that will always be clearly visible and is highly resistant to being wiped off.

The reverse side contains an SOS_ID number unique for 3 Tags in Set.

DEMO ID is shown on the photo.

The text is sealed inside of the metal, rather than on its top layer.

This is NOT paint or engraving!

We use special technology that is also used in the defense industry.

Info Plates made of aluminum alloy are corrosion-free and stain-free.

The glossy surface reflects light, shines well and is visible from afar even in the dark.

Due to unique design, Tags sit on the collar properly, facing forward/back w/o additional ring.

Lightweight, Modern and Durable design to withstand the forces of the most active pets! Ready to ship immediately.

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