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Microchips RFID Implant Kit for Dog

Amazon.com Price: $19.99 (as of 31/05/2023 19:59 PST- Details)

Manruta 8 Pack Pet ID Microchip Implant Kit for Cats and Dogs Small Puppies – Unquie 15 Digit ID Number – Free Registeration Online.


{Our Mission} : All have been 100% tested that can be scanned well.

Animal microchips are subject to strict production standards to ensure safety and Friendly.

The anti-drop device ensures 100% of the built-in microchip tag does not fall off before implantation.

The coated Glass microchip tag prevents moving under the skin of the animal after implantation.

{Use For} : Animal Identification.like our ID card function.after your injection of microchip, you need to register ID number online.

{Registration} : You can go online and find the BEST IN YOUR AREA and register with them “as many and who you wish” and some are free and some are not …

You can register them on freepetchipregistry website, it is free. other buyer’s advice.

Your local vet is the best place and chance of getting your pet back though in most cases!

{Microchip Specification} : Compliance with international ISO11784/11785 FDX-B standard, 134.2Khz.

All FDX-B Scanner/reader can read our Microchip.

{Unique ID Number} : Our microchip ID are ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording ), so it is unique ID number in the world.

{MANAGE YOUR PETS} : Keep your pets safe with Manruta Microchips.

Our RFID microchip implant Kit gives your pet chance to return home if ever lost or stolen.

{Explaination for 5 Year expiration on Packing} : It means for injection’s expiration.

Microchip doesn’t have lifespan, it just last the life of your pet.

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