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Metal Replacement Tray for Dog Crate

Amazon.com Price: $54.95 (as of 04/06/2023 12:26 PST- Details)

Red Hound Auto Metal Replacement Tray for Dog Crate, Chew Proof Kennel Cage Pan Leakproof Liner.



Unique Patent pending FLAT-A-WAY design.

Slides in and out so easily!

You’ll have no more broken, cracked or chewed up kennel liners with the galvanized steel Replacement Dog Kennel Tray from Red Hound Auto. Includes 1 all metal crate pan (kennel and dog not included).

Designed with safety in mind: Pre-ground and hemmed edges are safe for paws or hands.

Welded corners are leak-proof and won’t cause pinching, and all welds are ground and polished smooth.


Superior to plastic: Unlike the cheap plastic trays that can be chewed and broken (sometimes creating dangerously sharp edges), this strong tray won’t freeze or crack, emits no harmful plastic chemical fumes, and won’t absorb pet odors.

With our high quality durable galvanized steel and superior welding, let this be the last replacement tray you’ll ever need to buy.

Works well in most slide-out style crates (please carefully measure your interior dimensions to confirm this tray will fit your crate); Unique angled sidewall at the bottom was designed for a better crate fit.

Tray also functions perfectly as a standalone floor protector (great for containing pet food bowls, muddy boots and shoes, pet potty pads, grease drips and more).

Made from heavy gauge steel, galvanized for rust and weather protection, and welded to be completely leak-proof.

Compatible with MidWest/iCrate/Contour/Ovation/New World models 1536, 1536DD, 836, 836DD, 1936, B36, B36DD and many others too (check size).

Measures approximately 35″ x 21.625″ with 1″ tall side walls.

When measuring your crate, please choose a tray that is 1/4″ smaller (in both width and length) than your crate’s interior dimensions.

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