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30 PCS Metal Pet ID Tags

Qamceh’s 30 Metal Pet ID Tags: Durable anodized alloy, 3 shapes, 3 colors. Laser engrave with ease. Safe, stylish, and long-lasting for your beloved pets.

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Introducing Qamceh’s set of 30 Metal Pet ID Tags.

Crafted from lightweight yet durable anodized aluminum alloy, these tags come in Heart, Fish, and Bone shapes, each individually sized and 0.04″ thick.

Measuring at 1.5″x1.3″, 1.5″x0.94″, and 1.5″x1″, there’s ample space for up to 4 lines of text on each side.

Colored in vibrant Blue, Black, and Red, the tags are anodized on both sides and edges, ensuring longevity and resistance to water and heat.

Designed with smooth edges for your pet’s safety, these tags are easy to engrave with laser engravers as low as 5W optical power.

No extra coating or painting is necessary, and they’re suitable for diode, CO2, or fiber laser engraving.

Not just practical, the adorable shapes make them perfect for DIY decorative accessories, doubling as charming additions to your pet’s collar or keychain.

Choose Qamceh for durable, customizable, and uniquely shaped ID tags for your beloved pets.




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