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Leather Dog Doorbells

Amazon.com Price: $10.99 (as of 07/04/2023 05:43 PST- Details)

QUXIANG Dog Doorbells, Premium Leather Dog Doorbells, Quality Training Potty, Great Dog Bells – Adjustable.



DOG BELLS FOR POTTY TRAINING are the perfect solution to toilet train your lovely pet. It is proven to be an Easier, Better Way for your dog to communicate Instead of barking & scratching.

This training set is just what your was looking for.

HIGH QUALITY AND NICE SOUNDING BELLS: 7 Big Extra Loud Bells yet easy on your ears to attend to your pet’s nature call wherever you are in the house.

SUPREME DURABILITY: This Dog Training Bells is incredibly durable its made from heavy duty leather material to lasts longer than other cheaply made ribbon alternatives.

This Dog Training Bells can withstand scratches, bites and the toughest tugs.

MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE: Its ergonomic design allows for easy adjustment of the length to the bottom of the door or wall based on the size of your dog.

Dog & Potty Training Has Never Been That Easy Before!

Better way for your dog to communicate.

Instead of hearing barking and scratching, you hear the gentle jingle of bells Instead of hearing barking and scratching, you hear the gentle jingle of bells.

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