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Leather Dog Basket Muzzle

Amazon.com Price: $90.20 (as of 04/10/2023 02:29 PST- Details)

Bestia Maximus Basket Muzzle, Studded Design – Leather.


Bestia Custom Dog Gear proudly presents: the Bestia MAXIMUS Silver basket muzzle.

Basket muzzle design, with good breath ability for your dog, perfect shape and great adjustments.

This muzzle features our well known Maximus decoration either in Brown or Black main colour.

All muzzles have a soft nose pad, so you can be sure that your dog doesn`t heart his nose when wearing.


Available sizes:

Size L – for dog breeds like Female Pitbulls, game pits, Bullterriers, Staffordshire Bullterrier, etc.

Size XL – for dog breeds like Male Pitbulls, Bullies, Amstaff, Labrador, German Shepherd, etc.

Size XXL– for giant breeds, like cane corso, Mastiffs, Dogue de Bordeaux, Neapolitanian Mastiffs, etc.

Basket design for fast and easy usage.

Perfect breathability for your dog.

Out of 100% genuine and 100% natural leathre.

Fits from medium to giant dogs, like Pitbulls, Dobermans to Mastiffs.

Handmade in Europe – The highest quality on the market.

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