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Large Shoulder Bag

Amazon.com Price: $43.79 (as of 08/06/2023 11:29 PST- Details)

DOOG Large Shoulder Bag with Waterproof Lining, Waterbottle/Tennis Ball Holder, and Waste Bag Holder.


Available in multiple designs, the DOOG Large Shoulder Bag is the perfect all around walking satchel.

These stylish cross body dog walking bags are the perfect accessory for daily walks and outdoor adventures.

Pick the design that suits you and look great while the bag carries everything you need to use your hands for a more enjoyable stroll around the neighborhood or outing to the local dog park or outdoors.

GRAB & GO – All-in-one solution for dog walks.

Multiple pockets and compartments for treats, phone, keys, valuables, water bottle and toys.

WATER FRIENDLY – The inner waterproof compartment keeps your phone and valuables safe on rainy days or quick splashes.

STYLISH & COMFORTABLE – The DOOG Shoulder Bag comes in a variety of colors and patters for everyone.

The soft bag and adjustable strap makes it easy to wear for quick walks or for an entire day out.

ALL DAY FUN – Bring along your dog’s favorite treats, toys, a full-sized water bottle to keep you both hydrated.

BUILT IN BAGS – The front pocket comes pre-loaded with 20 pick-up/poop bags and can be replaced with DOOG brand bags or your favorite brand.

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