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Large Capacity Pet Feeder

FAYDUDU Automatic Cat Dog Feeder, Big Capacity Automatic Gravity Dog Feeding and Watering 1 Gallon.

Dog Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser: automatic cat feeder*1, water dispenser* 1.

Food feeder and waterer set suitable for small and medium dogs or cats.

Large Capacity Pet Feeder: large capacity 1.8L, can last about 4 days for small pets, 2 days for big pets.

You can rest assured to go to vacation, work, party, don’t worry that pets will be hungry.

The folding bowl can solve the feeding problem when you take your pets out.

Material of Automatic Cat Feeder Set: 100% new material, resistant to drop and pressure.

It is easy to clean, it can only be washed by hand, and can be washed directly with water.

It is recommended to wash once a week.

There are non-slip rubber feet on the bottom of the feeder to ensure safe placement.

Cat Feeder Novel Design: The water dispenser adopts spiral and spring valve design to ensure that it never leaks.

With a transparent storage bottle, you can refill it in time when the food and water are used up.

Automatic Cat Feeder: Guarantee lifetime customer service.

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Vrnjacka Banja CAC Dog Show 2012

On 30.06.2012 Kennel Club “Vrnjci” (Vrnjacka Banja) organized the national dog show. Astor and Astra achieved the following results: excellent, CAJC. We are happy with the result considering that for our dogs this was the first dog show. Below you…