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Large Capacity Automatic Water Dispenser

Amazon.com Price: $25.81 (as of 01/02/2023 20:41 PST- Details)

JUNSPOW Pet Water Dispenser 2.5L Large Capacity Automatic Water Dispenser, Medium and Small dag, Cats pet Bottles.


【2.5L high capacity】size: 160 x 280 x 270mm large design with no need to frequently add water, can meet the water needs of small dogs and cats for 7-15 days, no need to worry about pets getting thirsty while working, traveling, or other activities.

【Food grade safety materials】The edible ABS water storage container bucket is designed to be simple to assemble and clean.

Because it can be cleaned easily at any time, your pet’s drinking water is kept clean, healthy, and safe.

【The design of classical Roman Columns】Our dispenser not only supplies clean water, but it also enhances your home as a work of art.

【Anti-slip mat】There is a special anti-slip mat at the bottom that will ensure that your pet is stable while drinking.

【Transparent appearance】A transparent reservoir allows you to easily monitor the amount of water in a bucket and replenish it at the appropriate time.

【Comes with pet placemat】The mat is of a proportional size to the dispenser.

Using our mat, your pet will not wet the floor while drinking.

The exquisite packaging and English instructions enhance the buying experience and can be given to friends as gifts.

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