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Interactive Pet Ball Launcher Toy

Amazon.com Price: $145.00 (as of 08/06/2023 11:31 PST- Details)

Interactive Pet Ball Launcher Toy, Dog Tennis Leaked Food Reward Machine Thrower, Slow Feeder for Cats/Kitten/Puppy Accessories.


Package Contents: 1 x Reward machine 2 x Tennis 1 x Feeding spoon 2 x Detachable plate.

Material: ABS Size: app.18×18.5cm/7.09×7.28in.

Outlet Diameter: app.7cm/2.76in.

Optional Color: Green, Gray, Orange.

Quantity: 1 Set.

100% brand new and high quality Features: When your dog puts the ball in, after the launch, the food will come out automatically.

Multifunction, it can be used as a dog toys, feeders, trainers, slow food bowls, etc.

6cm elastic tennis ball, suitable for pet of different ages.

With removable physical disk on both sides, it is clean and hygienic.

Made of high-quality and safe material, durable and reliable for long term.

Helps keep your pet active and healthy.

Pet Reward machine Set only, other accessories demo in the picture is not included.

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