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Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs

Amazon.com Price: $119.95 (as of 10/04/2023 06:01 PST- Details)

Barney Katie Catapult Automatic Dog Tennis Ball Launcher – Interactive Ball Thrower Dog Toys – 3 Balls Included (One 2.5 inch Normal Tennis Ball and Two 2 inch Tennis Balls).


Great for Outdoor Use-Our catapult automatic ball launcher for dogs launches up to 35 feet!

(When you use 2inch ball) and 25 feet (When you use 2.5inch ball) just use the dial to adjust the range.

It takes four (4) hours to charge from a completely drained battery for up to 6 hours of playtime.

When you use it first time, please make sure it’s fully charged.

When the machine gets stuck by something it will automatically shut down within 20 second.

Press the button for one second to start and press one second to stop aslo.

Choose between 3-time delay increments including zero delays, 4 sec, or 8-second delay.

It’s simply a great way to play fetch with your dog without straining your arm.

Designed for small, medium, and large puppies and dogs.

You can load the ball yourself or watch them do it on their own, which brings a whole new meaning to teach an old dog a new trick.

Compatible with regular or miniature size tennis balls.

3 Balls Included (One 2.5inch Tennis Ball and Two 2inch Tennis balls).

Not for transparent ball (Sensor can only activate perfect for non-transparent balls).

Includes(1) automatic ball launcher, two (2) 2inch mini tennis balls and one (2) 1inch regular size tennis ball, one (1) USB-C cable and one (1) adapter and easy to read instructions.

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