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Heavy Duty Durable Frisby for Pets

Amazon.com Price: $11.99 (as of 04/06/2023 12:34 PST- Details)

Dog Frisbee Toy – Soft Rubber Disc for Large Dogs – Frizbee for Aggressive Play – Lightweight, Interactive Flying Toy for Training Fetch, Tug of War, Catch.



BLUE COLOR FOR MAXIMUM DOG VISIBILITY: Bright colors like green, orange, yellow and red stand out to human eyes, but the dog color visibility spectrum is different.

For your furry friend, the most distinct and bright color is blue.

Give a blue Frisbee a try and see the difference!

TONS OF FUN FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG: Playing with a Frisbee is great fun and healthy exercise for both you and your beloved dog.

It’s the perfect way to spend more time outdoors, It’s an ideal gift for dog lovers, and when your dog gets thirsty you can even turn it over and use it as a drinking bowl.

AERODYNAMIC DESIGN FOR EASY FLIGHT: You won’t have to wear out your arm throwing this Frisbee.

The aerodynamic grooved design makes the Frisbee keep flying with just a flick of the wrist.

If you accidentally chuck it too far, the high visibility blue color means your dog will see it before you do.

NATURAL RUBBER FOR SAFETY: Hard plastic Frisbees can shatter or splinter, and sharp shards of plastic could injure your beloved pooch.

Our Frisbee is different – it’s made of soft natural rubber.

It will never break up into sharp pieces that could hurt your dog.

ALL CHEWED UP PROMISE: Unlike others, we won’t promise this Frisbee is indestructible.

If your dog destroys this Frisbee, then we’ll refund your money or send you a new one for free.

That’s our IMK9 promise.

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