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Heavy Duty Double Leash for Dogs

Amazon.com Price: $48.00 (as of 10/04/2023 05:40 PST- Details)

Wild One, Lilac, Reinforced Nylon Core Leash 5.5 Feet and Poop Bag Carrier Set, Waterproof, Dirt and Odor Resistant, Heavy Duty Double Leash for Small and Large Dogs.



2 LENGTHS OR 2 PUPS: Adjustable leash lengths for city walks or park runs.

Unclip the handle loop to walk two pups at once.

EASY TO CLEAN: Dirt and odor resistant flex-poly straps designed for wet and dry conditions.


NOISE-FREE: Coated carbon steel D-rings prevent metal rattling and provide ultra-high pull tolerance.

EASY-TO-ATTACH POOP BAG CARRIER: Equipped with an elastic loop that attaches to the Leash d-ring.

Easily transfer to a tote bag, travel carrier, you name it.

ONE FREE ROLL ON US: Comes with a free roll of our eco-friendly, ultra-thick poop bags.

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