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Hands Free Dog Leash Modular Fanny Pack

Revolutionize dog walks with our Hands-Free Leash Fanny Pack: Reflective, Modular, and Packed with Essentials for Pups of All Sizes. Walk smart, walk free!


Introducing the DogGoods Hands-Free Dog Leash Modular Fanny Pack – a game-changer for dog owners on the move.

This all-in-one dog walking kit combines a reflective belt bag, hands-free leash for both small and big dogs, and a hiking belt with essential accessories.

Equipped with MOLLE gear for dogs, this modular system includes a dog treat pouch for training, a poop bag holder, a collapsible dog bowl, and a sport water bottle with a holder.

It’s the ultimate dog walking and hiking gear, providing convenience and functionality.

The extendable dog leash comes with a bag dispenser and a reflective shock-absorbing design, ensuring safety during walks.

The retractable leash features two handles and strong clips to prevent accidents during sudden pulls. Attach it to any of the two sliding O-rings on the belt for added versatility.

Designed for responsible dog owners, the fanny pack includes a poop bag holder for easy waste management.

The convenient dog treat pouch allows you to carry treats outdoors, perfect for training sessions and potty training.

For a nourishing experience, the fanny pack includes a collapsible dog bowl and a water bottle holder. Keep your pooch hydrated and well-fed during your adventurous days out.

In summary, this hands-free dog leash modular fanny pack is a versatile, all-inclusive solution for dog owners – making walks, hikes, and outdoor activities with your furry friend a breeze.