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Funny Dog Tag for Dogs

Fleure Esme’s Funny Dog Tag: Stainless steel charm, playful engraving ‘All bitches love me.’ Durable, stylish, perfect pet gift!

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Introducing Fleure Esme’s Funny Dog Tag for Dogs โ€“ a stainless steel charm designed to infuse a playful touch into your pet’s collar.

With the whimsical engraving “All bitches love me,” this tag brings a delightful sense of humor to your furry friend’s style.

Meticulously constructed from durable stainless steel, this tag ensures longevity, resisting rust and fading.

The engraving is clear and permanent, avoiding any harmful laser chemicals.

Packaged in an adorable gift box, this tag is not just a treat for your pet but also a perfect gift for special occasions like birthdays or adopting anniversaries.

Measuring at 1.2in x 0.8in with a polished mirror finish, this tag combines sturdiness with a visually appealing design.

Equipped with a user-friendly split ring, attaching it to your pet’s collar is effortless, providing a stylish and functional accessory.

Rest assured, the dedicated after-sale service is committed to promptly addressing any concerns within 8 hours, ensuring both you and your pet are delighted.