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5 Rubber Dog Flying Discs

Amazon.com Price: $13.99 (as of 05/06/2023 12:44 PST- Details)

Tipatyard 5-Pack Rubber Dog Flying Disc, Puppy Flyer Toys, Glow Training, Interactive Toys for Small/Medium/Large Dogs, 3 Colors.



Set of 5: You get 5 rubber dog flying discs in three colors, 2-blue, 2-green, and 1-white.

We added phosphor in it, it needs to harvest energy in the light, let it stays brighter for longer so this flying disc will glow in dark conditions.

You can play with your dog even on dark nights.

Safe Material: Our glow dog flying disc is made of soft silicone material that won’t break or tear easily, providing a long-lasting bite that won’t hurt your dog’s teeth and mouth easily.

Ideal Training Toy: Our dog flying disc toys are suitable for indoor and outdoor play and training, and can train your dog’s reflexes, speed, etc., improve alertness and flexibility, and develop hunting skills.

Highlights: This puppy flying disc adopts a floating design, which allows the flying disc to float in the air and water for a long time, allowing dogs to enjoy high-altitude flying games.

Fly Far: Our dog flying disc is flat and round, without holes, which effectively reduces the air resistance when throwing, and flies high and far, making dogs have fun.

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