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Durable Dog Collar Charm

Amazon.com Price: $23.99 (as of 04/06/2023 12:18 PST- Details)

Shungite Pet Collar Charm – Natural Protection for Dogs, Durable Black Crystal Stone Backpack Tote Key Chain.


DURABLE SHUNGITE CHARM for SMALL/MED PETS – Protect your fur babies with this beautiful, handmade 100% shungite pet charm.

With a sensitive nervous system, pets are even more vulnerable to harmful energy emitted from electronics.

This adorable charm includes a free clip to decorate your purse, tote, bag, backpack or just stick in your pocket.

Great for pet parents who don’t wear jewelry!

Charm 2-inches, stone about 10mm (3/8 in).

Look at photos of Athena, Jack, Dakota and Chloe for sizing.

SHUNGITE BENEFITS – A powerful stone known for its naturally containing fullerenes.

Scientists refer to fullerenes as the C60 molecule or “the molecule of the 21st century” because of its unique properties.

They are used in everyday science and technology.

With a quick search online, you will learn more about all the wonderful benefits of using shungite stones in your daily life.


ENHANCED POWER – 100% genuine Shungite from Russia (Karelia).

All shungite products sold through Karelia Creations are saturated in colloidal silver so they carry an amplified field of protection unlike any other shungite products sold online.

The silver is a natural conductor and helps the shungite to create a larger/stronger field of neutrality.

QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST – Our jewelry is handcrafted in the USA using quality materials for reliability and durability.

We value our planet and always choose eco-friendly, recycled materials and minimal plastics.

Our goal is to inspire humanity to live healthier in a digital age by using shungite to protect our bodies and the environment.

NATURALLY PERFECT – Real shungite is a natural stone.

Don’t be alarmed if you find trace minerals, such as quartzite or pyrite, sometimes giving the appearance of a crack (vein) or rust.

The unique characteristics enhance the beauty of each piece.

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