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3 Dura Play Dog Toys

Amazon.com Price: $12.99 (as of 10/04/2023 06:01 PST- Details)

Hartz DuraPlay Ball Squeaky Latex Dog Toy, Small, 3 Pack.



Whether your dog enjoys indoor or outdoor play, Hartz Dura Play bacon scented dog toys are the perfect addition to the toy bin.

These dog toys have a durable exterior coupled with a lightweight foam interior to make it easy to throw, bounce, squeak, and float!

Every shape has an ear-perking squeaker and an appealing bacon scent that will have even the most inactive dogs begging for more playtime.

Dura Play dog toys are perfect for dogs of all ages – the flexible yet durable exterior lends itself to more than just a fetch toy.

After your pup is worn out from his or her active play, Dura Play also has unique shapes with ridges that double as a soft chew toy.

Be sure to try all the different shapes for hours of enticing play and fun for both you and your furry best friend!

A TOY FOR EVERY DOG: Contains 3 Dura Play Dog Toys.

Dura Play dog toys also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors – boomerang, disc, rocket, bone, ball, dumb bell, and a double tug ring with ball.

TOSS & RETRIEVE: Dura Play dog toys encourage exercise through active play and promote bonding between pet parents and pups – inspiring the on-demand games has never been so fun!

OUTDOOR & INDOOR PLAY: Each shape is fun to squeak, throw, bounce, and even chew!

The lightweight exterior with irresistible squeaker is so light, Dura Play toys even float and are super easy to clean.

FLEXIBLE, YET DURABLE: The durable latex exterior combined with the soft and flexible foam interior enhances a long-lasting fetch and chew toy experience.

BACON SCENTED: From puppies to senior dogs, these wag-worthy bacon scented toys will entice pups of all ages to get up and play!

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