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Drinking Bowl for Dogs

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UPSKY Dog Bowl: 35oz capacity, splash-proof design, slow water feeder, prevents wet mouth, keeps water clean for happy, hydrated pets.

Introducing the UPSKY Dog Bowl, a reliable drinking solution for both dogs and cats, featuring a generous capacity of 35oz (8.8 x 7.2 x 2 inches) to keep your pets hydrated throughout the day.

Experience a splash-proof water bowl with a smart design, incorporating a waterproof edge strip and floating disk that efficiently prevents water overflow, ensuring your floor stays dry and clean.

Promoting a healthier drinking pace, the bowl incorporates an adjustable floating disk that slows down your pet’s drinking speed. As your pet’s tongue touches the floating disk, it gently sinks, creating a controlled undulating water surface.

Say goodbye to wet mouth concerns, thanks to the innovative floating disk that effectively manages water, preventing large areas of water from reaching your pet’s mouth hairs.

Keep your furry friend’s hair dry and tidy.

Ensuring water quality is a priority, the UPSKY Dog Bowl features a separable 2-piece disk welded design, effectively preventing dust, dirt, and pet hair from contaminating the water.

Provide your pets with clean water all day, every day.