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Dogs Behavior Training Mat

DOGNESS Scat Mat, Cats and Dogs Behavior Training Mat with 32 * 14 Inches, Scat Mat for Cats Deterrent Indoor Furniture with Electric Fence, Battery-Operated with 3 Training Modes (Cat Balcony.

SAFETY: Training Scat Mat with safe material uses a mild and harmless static pulse to safely and effectively teach your pet to stay away from areas you want to protect, energy-saving power failure protection, triggers 5 seconds self-stop, 100% safe to you and pets.

3 Electrostatic Training Modes: Three strength of static shock voltage can be adjusted by one key control, low, medium and high voltage, all modes voltage of intensity to train from small to large cat or dog comfortably, when your pet steps on the mat, a soft alarm with “Di” sound by traggering a moderate electrostatic pulse, then they will give up step on mat by repeatedly shock by electrostatic.


Easy to use and store: Press Button for 3 seconds to turn on and off, Product use requires a 9V battery (not included), which contains a tester for the purpose of checking whether product surface is well energized before use, when test the mat, please pass through the two electric cords on the mat and make sure the battery is installed correctly and the mat should be fully expanded, space saving with flexible to roll up,easy collection and store.

Build pet exclusion zone: Touch-sensitive training mat can create a pet barrier to prevent couch, door and stairway entrance scratching from dogs and cats, keep them off bedroom, living room and counter, meanwhile, the elegant and textured design patterns can perfectly decorate and match your home.

Enhanced durable & easy to clean: Compared with normal single static rope of training pad, we are 5 times stronger, which will be much more durable and transmit static will more efficiently, also, it is very easy to clean, just wring out a damp cloth and try to wipe the surface of the product, then leave it to dry before using again.