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Dog Waterer with 1-Gallon Capacity

Amazon.com Price: $24.98 (as of 05/06/2023 12:36 PST- Details)

Dog Feeder and Waterer Pet Self-Dispensing.


OUTFIT: Cat dog waterer with 1-gallon capacity, feeder with 5-pound capacity.

The small size, the large capacity.

Simple appearance easily matches the style of your home.

SAFETY and SECURITY: Environmentally friendly PP resin liner bottle, food grade PP box, food grade PET level, your pet’s safety is the same as mine.

EASY To CLEAN: User-friendly separation design, detachable parts, simple structure, no dead corners for cleaning; we pay attention to user experience like Apple.

SIMPLE to USE: Add water from above, stable control of water level, automatic water supply.

Uses gravity to ensure a consistent supply of food.

AFTER-SALES SERVICE: Quality problems occur within 60 days and new products are exchanged, or 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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