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Dog Training Muzzle for Defence

Amazon.com Price: $123.47 (as of 02/02/2023 20:46 PST- Details)

Dingo Gear Dog Training Muzzle for Defence, Training and Service HQ Leather Handmade Lightweight S03032.



Product Description

Leather muzzle – designed for dog training, K9, obedience, police, army, military work, special forces, agitation, muzzle fight and other training usage.

Can be used also as the dog muzzle in a commercial way.

Very durable natural leather provides great comfort.

The muzzle is lightweight and reinforced with steel insert.

Dog can breathe free, pant and work.

This dog training muzzle is handmade in Poland by Dingo Gear.

Set Contains:

Leather muzzle for working dogs.


Leather muzzle for training dogs, working dogs, K9, agitation work, police dogs, army dogs, special forces dogs, for muzzle fight and also for commercial use.

Dog training muzzle for dogs with German Shepherd snout girth.

Only snout girth is the dimension you need to know before you order the muzzle – all other straps are adjustable.

Leather muzzle is reinforced, leather is full grain, tanned with plants method, natural for the dog best comfort.

Leather parts are riveted.

The dog can open the snout and breathe free.

How to put the dog muzzle on?

Simply put the muzzle on your dog, adjust all straps, fasten them and fasten the buckle.

HS SPRENGER buckle allows you to take the dog muzzle off quickly and easily.

This leather muzzle for the dog training, K9, agitation, muzzle fight, working in police and special forces dogs (and for other use) is crafted by hand in Poland.

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