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Dog Food Dispenser with Stainless Steel and Lock Lid

Amazon.com Price: $46.07 (as of 08/06/2023 11:26 PST- Details)

Automatic Cat Feeder, Timed Cat Feeder with APP Control, Dog Food Dispenser with Stainless Steel and Lock Lid, Up to 20 Portions 10 Meals Per Day, 30S Voice Recorder, 4L Programmable Pet Feeder.


🐱 【EASY TO USE AND SETUP】Downloading the APP of an automatic pet feeder is very easy, and 3-steps to connect.

No need to add additional authorization requires the feeder to work immediately.

And it’s also equipped daily feeding records.

Never worry about pets going hungry again.

At the same time, the display light turns off on the app to enjoy a perfect night of sleep without the effect of light.

🐱【APP CONTROL FEEDING】3-feeding modes for easy selection.

FEEDING SCHEDULE, you can set up to 10 meals and 20 portions per meal per day.

Easily solve the problem of cat eating during a business trip.

APP FEEDING MODE can replenish food at any time.

MANUAL FEEDING can directly operate the auto cat feeder and put food at any time.

Absolute silence when feeding your pets, never stuck.

🐱【30S VOICE RECORDER】The smart pet feeder equipped with a recording function solves the problem of pets not wanting to eat when you are not at home.

In the 30s of recording, you can customize the pet eating voice as you like.

Recording setting steps: In the unlocked state, long-press the “”food”” key, when you hear a beep once and enter the recording mode, and then push the food button to end the recording.

🐱 【EASY TO DETACH & CLEAN】Do you meet the hopper is hard to remove or non-detachable, and the cleaning is always not thorough clean?

The Boqii pet feeder helps you solve those problems.

The distribution tray is easy to remove, and the silicone blades rinse thoroughly.

At the same time, it comes with a thickened stainless steel bowl, which is convenient to clean inside and out.

🐱【SUPPORT MANY PET FOOD】A REALLY 4L (17 cups) pet food dispenser that accommodates a wide variety of pet foods.

Dry food, freeze-dried, and pellet food.

Suitable for all grains less than 0.67in diameter.

4L capacity can support an adult cat (12lbs) to eat for about 25 days.

A built-in desiccant box can effectively absorb the moisture in the grain storage barrel and provide fresh and delicious food for your pets.

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