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Dog Food Bowls Set

Amazon.com Price: $26.19 (as of 10/04/2023 05:50 PST- Details)

2 Pack Automatic Cat Feeders – Dog Water Bowl Dispenser and Dog Food Bowls Set.


[Automatic Pet Food and Water Feeder Set]: 1* cat feeder, 1* cat water dispenser.

Our dog food and water dispenser adopt Natural Gravity Supply System, food and water will gradually fill for pets to eat and drink.

The cat bowls for food and water is no electricity required at all, can be used anywhere, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Make your pets enjoy fresh and clean food and water anytime.

[High Quality Food Grade Materials]: The automatic water dispenser for dogs is made from high-quality plastic material, BPA – free, safe, healthy and environmental protection, perfect care of your love pet.

The cat bowls for food and water is 100% new material, anti-fall durable.

[Automatic Refills Food and Water with Gravity]: Automatic cat feeders system with self-gravity feeding design for this automatic pet feeder, to dispense dry food as pets empty the bowl, prolonging time between refills.

The water bowls for large dogs adopt siphon device design, can perfect prevention of water leakage, control the speed of drinking water supply to prevent overflow.

[Big Capacity for Small Medium Large Pets]: Both cat food dispenser and cat water dispenser with large capacity 3.8L.

Can last about 7 days for small pets, 3 days for big pets.

You can rest assured to go on vacation, work, party, do not have to worry about pets will be hungry.

[Humanization Design Convenient to Use]: With 15 degree carefully slope design, The dog food bowls will not stuck food.

The upgraded base is thicker and heavier, would not tip over when pets eating.

And non-skid rubber feet under the dog feeder and dog water bottle dispenser for secure placement.

Moreover, barrel and chassis of the automatic dog feeder can be split, you can rinse it directly with water.

It is recommended to wash once a week.

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