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Dog Doorbell for Potty Training

Amazon.com Price: $19.99 (as of 02/12/2023 10:31 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Zoomie Paws Hanging Dog Door Bells for Dogs and Puppies – Dog Doorbell for Potty Training, Pet Supplies, Bell for Dogs to Ring to Go Outside – 1 per Pack.


Communicate with your Pup: Hanging door bells are an effective tool for housebreaking pets.

Using dog bells allows your dog to communicate when they are ready to go without barking.

This is an easy and non-confrontational solution to toilet train man’s best friend and keep your home mess free.

Tasteful Design: The attractive doggie doorbell fits beautifully into your home décor.

It features an aesthetically pleasing and tasteful macrame design created with high quality cotton cord.

Six antique-looking bells are made from durable metals to provide a superior sound quality.

We take great pride in being an American company, ensuring you and your dog will love the quality of your dog doorbells.


Versatile Design: This dog bell for door training includes a clasp on the end so it fits whatever door handle you have.

You can easily hang this dog doorbell from door knob or attach it to a sliding glass door handle.

Easy to take on and off your door as needed.

Take it on the go when you travel with your pup to eliminate confusion and potential accidents.

Dog Training for Beginners: Puppy potty training has never been easier!

Many dogs have success on their first day.

Point to the bells and say “touch”.

When your pup touches the training bells, give it praise and a treat.

Repeat this step several times.

Easy Training: Next, when your dog touches the doggy training bells, open the door, step outside with it and give another treat.

Finally, put a leash on your puppy and take it through the steps.

Guide your pup to where you want it to potty and once the deed is done, reward with another treat and loads of praise.


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