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Dog Collar and Leash Combo Set

Amazon.com Price: $9.97 (as of 04/10/2023 02:32 PST- Details)

Custom Personalized Reflective Cat Dog Collar and Leash Combo Set with Name Plate, Engraved Cute Dog Collars, Leashes for Male/Female and  Boy/Girl Dogs.



✅ High quality: high-grade microfiber material, softer and more comfortable than leather collars, more durable and easier to clean.

Perfectly solves the problem of nylon collar trapped hair.

✅ Classic design: made of zinc alloy with rounded corners and square buckles, beautiful colors, durable and rust-free.

Fashionable color makes your pet look more charming when running and playing.

✅ Safer: High-brightness reflective material, reflective at night, more secure protection.

The collar itself does not emit light by itself, and will not interfere with the vision of cats and dogs.

Under the light in the dark environment, the collar will form a strong contrast with the surrounding environment, making it easier for people to perceive, thus playing a protective role for pets.


Customized collar: pet’s name and phone number will be clearly and permanently engraved on the bendable stainless steel nameplate.

Better than jingle sound tags, silent ID tags will never damage your pet’s hearing.

Customized products, please make sure that the personalized information you entered is correct, especially the phone number.

Quality Assurance: our dog and cat collars come with a 3-month warranty.

If you have any questions about the collar, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with a good solution within 24 hours.

Delivery time for non-remote areas is approximately two weeks.

Please make sure the shipping address you left on Amazon is accurate and complete.

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