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Customizable Picture Pet ID Tags

Amazon.com Price: $14.98 (as of 30/11/2023 09:36 PST- Details)

KEKID Dog Tags, Custom QR Code Pet ID Tags, Customizable Picture, Text, Scannable QR Code Pet Tags with Online Pet Page, Modifiable, Anti-Lost.

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【Unique New Generation of Dog Tags】Newly launched adventure series, lifelike mountain peaks, sunrise, etc.

❗️Transportation time 12-15 day.

【Unlike the traditional dog tags】Provide custom web page, when scanned, this tag will take someone to a custom web page with more details about your dog.

It’s a way to give the person who finds your dog more information than can normally fit on a standard dog tag, like multiple phone numbers, an address, and any known allergies or behavioral problems.

【Modifiable QR Pet Tags】As the dog grows up, the body shape changes, or your address and phone number change, these can be changed at any time according to different times and situations.

This is a flexible, vivid and distinctive pet id tags.


【Size (diameter)】1.26 inches (32 mm)* 1.14 inches (29 mm), weight: 0.5 ounces (15 g), durable pet ID tag with fashionable design patterns.

Your pet is always in the spotlight because he is a WOW pet!

This QR code pet tag is just what you need.

【Pet Gifts】Let your pet stand out with this pet tag when it comes to put on the QR code tag on his or her collar, harness, halter, or even bridle.

Perfect Valentines Day, party, new home, housewarming, engagement presents for your friends with fur babies.

This also will be a hit and convey your love for your pups in a personalized manner.


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