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6 Sets Cat Bell for Dog Collar Charm

AFZMON 6 Sets Cat Bell for Dog Collar Charm, Pet Pendant, Accessories, Pet Dog Bells 0.7 inches silver.

0.7 inches diameter, small and exquisite; metal material, chrome-faced, tough and corrosion resistance is strong.

If your pet is very quiet and likes to get behind you and very close to your feet, you can use it on his/her collar, easily find them when they are hiding.

Not too loud but loud enough to hear throughout the house.

These bells are the perfect size for small dogs/animals.


Round shape bells, diameter: 0.7 inches, small and exquisite.

Made of metal, tough and corrosion resistance is strong.

6 bells per pack, easy to attach any D-ring of collars.

Helps prevent escapes and you can know where they are at all times.

Fit for small pets, make they livelier.


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