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Calming Dog Bed with Anti Slip Bottom

Amazon.com Price: $31.99 (as of 02/01/2024 15:06 PST- Details)

Calming Dog Bed for Large Medium and Small Pets-Cats and Dogs, Anxiety Relief and Orthopedic Support.

Give your best companion a luxurious spot with the intelligent design of our cuddler dog bed.

Its refined craftsmanship supports not only your pets’ comfort but physical and emotional conditions that most dog cots set aside.

Premium Made Fabrics for Active Pets

Let your pets play around with this indestructible dog bed that is made from high-quality fabrics and durable edging to prevent it from quick damage.

Ultra-Soft Calming Plush Sides.

Cuddling with fluffy faux fur, this pet bed has a self-warming effect.

Bolstering to softness and strength, this has combined non-toxic fabrics of polyester canvas on sides and bottom and the ample filling of plush flannel.

Non-Slippery Non-Skid Bottom.

Made with thick and durable nylon fabric bottom, your dogs can run and dig into the center.

It is also crafted with tufted cushion bottom with rubber dots that protect your pets from tumbling.

Aided Physical Comfort

Mounting to superior comfort for your pet’s health, this orthopedic dog bed has patterned its curvature to relieve joint and muscle pains in a relaxing position.

It has a raised circular rim that is not just made firm and fluffy but provides neck and body support.

Dog Anxiety Relief Bed

Having active pets at home will surely have adjustments and stressors.

This donut bed is an all-time need for its self-calming effect to battle anxiety on sudden environmental changes.

Machine Compatible Cleaning

With frequent usage leaving unpleasant smells and dirt, this donut bed for pets is made for convenient cleaning for it is machine washable in proper procedure.

Simply wash this separately in cold water in a gentle cycle and toss it in a dryer.

Avoid putting in some bleach or warm water.

A Perfect Fit

Give your pets an everyday treat by having this pet bed in its right size and stylish color – Available in light g.


SUPER SOFT AND COMFY PLUSH. Giving a luxurious resting spot with this donut pet bed, sleep is never the same with the self-warming and cozy cuddle this refined fluffy faux fur dogs and cats bed offers.

Let your pets feel secure with the nest-like design of this round bed.

ANTI-BODY PAIN PET SUPPORT. Molded with high loft fiber on its ring structure, this orthopedically aided dog bed achieved its fluffiness and flexibility to relieve joint and muscle pains.

Give your pets an everyday body and neck support for a healthy sleeping posture.

ANTI-ANXIETY CALMING DOG BED. Protect your pets from stressful and anxiety attacking situations during noisy celebrations or changing environments by providing the dog calming effect of our donut bed.

Make this your first aid to any pet challenging emotions.

STURDY AND PET SAFE. Made from well-chosen non-toxic and pet-friendly materials, make this your first puppy bed or cat bed without worries.

Its nylon fabric nonslip bottom is made to become a chew-proof dog bed with its deep crevice for a hole-like digging and hiding spot.

SUITABLE FIT AND EASY USAGE. Choose the perfect donut dog bed among 3 sizes of small (23” x 23”), medium (30” x 30”), and large (36” x 36”) from its 5 color options: light gray, blue gray, rainbow, pink and taupe.

Enjoy the benefits of this machine-washable bed on your pets every day!