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BRONZEDOG Nylon Dog Leash

BRONZEDOG Long Dog Leash, Padded Handle Check Cord Nylon Training Lead, Heavy Duty Pet Leashes for Small/Medium and Large Dogs – Black/Orange/Pink/Green/Blue.



SIZE: This nylon dog leash comes in 3 variations of length – 20, 30 and 50 ft. Wide is 1″.

COLOR: Comes in 5 vibrant color – black, blue, lime green, orange and pink.

MATERIALS: It is made of lightweight , highly durable and flexible nylon material.

Heavy duty steel snap hook allows easy and secure attachment.


COMFORT: Long dog leash equipped with an ergonomic soft neoprene handle, which eliminates hand discomfort if your dog pulls.

USE: Best used with medium and large dogs breeds.

Perfect for training, hiking, camping and other outdoors activity.

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