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Black Gate Extension

Amazon.com Price: $52.48 (as of 10/04/2023 05:47 PST- Details)

Cardinal Gates 10 1/2″ Black Gate Extension …


10. 5″ width extension for the Stairway special gate and the Auto Lock Gate.

This extension works with TWO different gate models, the SS-30 and the MG-15.

SS-30 gate is expandable width from 27” to 42.5”.

Add the 10.5” extension to that gate and the maximum width is 53 inches.


MG-15 gate is expandable width from 26.5” to 40.5”.

Add the 10.5” extension to that gate and the max width is 51” inches.

Both gates ( SS-30 and the MG-15) are adjustable width.

The extension is fixed width.

Refer Instruction Manual under Technical Specification.

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